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Data loggers

Stationary, Submersible, and Buoy-mounted Data Logger. Local and cloud storage with data processing.

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Affordable global and local connectivity units with different data ratings, for harsh environments.

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Data Buoys

Adaptable monitoring platforms with self-supplying energy sources and remote affordable data collection.

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Power Source

Renewable energy sources and rechargeable battery packs with different voltage and capacity ratings.

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Connect, gather, process, monitor, and share data using our online data platform. Or host it yourself using our software.

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Different sensing and control module to mesure environmental parameters and metrics.

About Us

Enabling and controlling remote applications

We provide connectivity modules, power sources, and different sensing and control units intended for use in remote applications.

Our products assist applications in Ocean Industry, Aquaculture, and Agriculture. The modularity and compatibility of our products enable us to enter new markets where longevity, connectivity, and control are needed.

Design, Develop, Deliver: Our Product Development Expertise

Transforming Concepts into Products

Your Partner In Product Development


Why Choose Us

Our products and solutions can be combined in different ways to solve problems. Below are examples of the applications that can use our products.

Ocean Industry

Continuous control and monitoring.

Water Monitoring

Protecting drinking water resources.

Hydropower Dam

Dissolved Oxygen monitoring in Dams.


Monitoring and control easily done.

Warning Systems

Flood and rain warning systems.

Water current

Water current monitoring systems.

Valve control

Remotely control and monitor valves.


Monitoring and control in smart agriculture.

Wave monitoring

Realtime Wave monitoring.

Motor Control

Control and monitoring electrical motors.

Oil & Gas

Monitoring and control in Oil & Gas.

Weather station

Remote weather stations.

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