Electrical motor control and monitoring

Electrical motors are applied in many applications, from ventilation to pumps and different machines. The ability to control and monitor the motor from a remote distance will open a new era for many applications that have been running for years. At the same time monitoring the motor and making sure that its health is in a good shape will avoid any surprises and expensive maintenance.
Vibrations are a reliable indicator of wear and imminent faults, especially for motors. Different frequency patterns provide information about anomalies such as imbalance or bearing damage. Systematic condition monitoring combines sensor signals, data evaluation and targeted communication to help detect these issues early on.

Motor Control

We provide different drive systems integrated with remote connectivity modules that enable control of the motor from long distances.

Following are the types of motors we can interface to, and there are different options for different voltages and power ratings.

  • DC Brush motors
  • DC Brushless motors
  • Stepper motors
  • AC motors
  • Linear motors

Motor Health Monitoring

Our motor drivers and control systems provide the feature to monitor different parameters of the motor to control and predict any eventual issue, and as a result, reduce shutdown time and expensive maintenance time. These monitoring values are directly logged into the cloud system and additional alarms and warnings can be set up for notifications.

The following parameters and data are used to perform predictive maintenance monitoring:

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Current consumption
  • Other sensors and transducers available on request

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