The ANIK100 battery pack is a premium rechargeable battery, designed for intensive deep-sea operations. Available in 100 Wh versions, ANIK caters to a variety of energy requirements. Its advanced management and cell balancing technology ensure optimal performance and longevity, even at depths up to 4000 meters. A unique feature of ANIK100 is its capacity for safe parallel connections, allowing for an increase in total capacity in the end application. This flexibility, combined with a compact design and a safety and transport pin for secure mounting and handling, makes ANIK100 an ideal choice for demanding maritime applications.

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Rechargeable Battery Pack: Enables multiple uses with a single purchase, enhancing cost-effectiveness and convenience.
Advanced Battery Management and Cell Balancing: Ensures optimal performance and longevity of the battery cells.
Advanced Monitoring and Usage Tracking: Provides detailed insights into battery health and usage patterns.
Depth Rating: Capable of operating at depths of 300, 900, 2000, and 4000 meters, suitable for various underwater applications.
Small Form Factor: Compact size allows for easy integration into various devices and applications.
High Energy Density: Maximizes the amount of energy stored in a given space, making the battery pack more efficient.
Robust and Durable Design: Built to withstand harsh marine environments, enhancing reliability and safety.
Eco-Friendly Technology: Designed with sustainability in mind, reducing environmental impact.
Fast Charging Capabilities: Reduces downtime, allowing for quicker turnaround in operational settings.
Safety Features: Includes multiple layers of protection against overcharging, deep discharging, and thermal events.
Voltage Measurement Pin: Allows for monitoring the voltage directly at the terminals or in the application, ensuring precise voltage tracking.
Battery In-Place Detection: Features a pin to disable the output if the battery is not correctly mounted, enhancing safety.
Communication Bus: Equipped with a communication interface to report battery status and state of charge to the connected application or instrument.
State of Charge Reporting: Provides accurate information on the remaining battery charge, crucial for managing device usage.
Integration with Application Systems: Enables seamless communication with various devices, ensuring compatibility and functionality across different applications.
Modular Expansion Capability: The ANIK battery packs are designed for easy modular expansion, allowing multiple units to be connected in parallel effortlessly, enhancing overall capacity and adaptability for varied energy requirements.

ANIK100 Datasheet


ANIK100 Product Datasheet