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At REMOTECON Limited, our service portfolio is a comprehensive spectrum covering hardware, firmware, and software development, designed to address the diverse requirements of our clients.

Hardware Development: Our hardware expertise extends across multiple domains, encompassing PCB design, embedded systems, FPGA design, and mechanical product design. We meticulously craft cutting-edge hardware solutions, ensuring each component is optimized for peak performance, reliability, efficiency, and EMC compliance.

Firmware Development: Our firmware development services focus on creating the intelligent core of your hardware. We excel in coding firmware that seamlessly integrates with your devices, enhancing functionality, user experience, and ensuring robustness, security, and EMC certification.

Software Development: From low-level drivers to high-level software applications, our software development complements your hardware, offering a holistic solution. Our software engineers excel in designing intuitive user interfaces and powerful algorithms, enriching your product’s capabilities while ensuring EMC approval.

Mechanical Design and Prototyping: Beyond electronics, we offer mechanical product design and prototyping services. Our team conceptualizes, designs, and prototypes mechanical components to integrate seamlessly with your hardware, ensuring a complete and functional solution.

At REMOTECON Limited, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach that consolidates every aspect of your project under one roof. This streamlined approach reduces time-to-market, guarantees precision in every phase of development, and ensures your product not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Trust us for innovation, reliability, and comprehensive solutions, backed by EMC certification and compliance.

Testimonial from FDT Solutions:

“At FDT Solutions, we were in search of a reliable partner to help us with the hardware and firmware development for our latest project. That’s when we discovered REMOTECON Limited, and it turned out to be a game-changer for our business. Their team demonstrated exceptional expertise in both hardware and firmware, guiding us through the entire development process with a keen understanding of our specific needs. Their attention to detail, commitment to deadlines, and problem-solving capabilities exceeded our expectations.

— Jan Rasmussen, CTOr